I am Keith J. Wheelahan, Jr. 
  My father was Keith J. Wheelahan, Sr and my mother was Katherine Ibert.
I intend to have several parts on my new web page:  First would be a brief summary of the Wheelahan Family and one link will lead you to that portion 
Next, will be a Family Tree with a link leading you there.
One link will lead you to our Webshots page with numerous photos and another in the future will cover some of my mother's family information.  
Then, shortly we will post a page dedicated to our June/July 2008 family visit to Ireland and then we hope to have a page covering a visit to the USA by some cousins from Germany - on my mother's side.
Link One:  Wheelahan Family information

Link Two:  Family Photos on Webshots

Link Three:  Descendants of Michael Whelehan of Ireland


Family Information

Family Photos

Descendants of Michael Whelehan of Ullard, Queens County, Ireland

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Keller and Claire
, my Great Grand Children

My Great Grandson, Keller, was born in 2007. Claire was born in 2008.

Here we might add an entry whenever we make an update to our web site. Where appropriate, we'll include a link to the change. For example: 

12/10/06 - Added new photos to our Photo Gallery page.